"There is one scene in the book where Gus goes to a gas station, and he tries to buy a pack of cigarettes because it’s the only way he can assert his own independence after becoming very sick. He [Ansel] did that scene so much justice, and he brought his all. It was midnight when we filmed it, and he just sat there and lost it for hours. I was just sort of in awe." - Shailene Woodley

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"I should have loved you less.
I should have loved myself more."
- (166/365) by (DS)

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Things I want:


• To be pushed up against a wall and made out with.
• chicken fries from bk
• to hold a cute girls hand
• more cuddles from a cute girl
• get high with a cute girl and watch the stars
• a road trip with a cute girl
• neck kisses

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